Global Gateway

Your identity portal to the world.

Need a global, SaaS based AML and KYC solution? Global Gateway is your identity portal to the world; validating, authenticating, confirming and verifying people to support your AML and KYC identity verification needs. Global Gateway allows corporations and small businesses across the globe to evaluate new and existing users through one, single portal.

Accessing data from multiple countries is complex. It requires integration, contraction, regulatory compliance, data integrity and data access. Global Gateway simplifies the process with on-demand access to data from over 130 trusted sources, specifically aggregated and licensed to verify a growing list of 3 billion records from over 30 countries around the world.

It is used by e-commerce, finance, insurance, gaming and social media clients worldwide for all their compliance, risk mitigation and age verification needs.

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Detect fake accounts simply and easily.

Need to validate cyber identities in real time? TruDetect helps you determine which registrations are legitimate so you can invest in the right customers and maximize user experience and revenues.

TruDetect runs in the background without introducing friction into your signup and onboarding process. This allows your company to add a layer of protection when bringing new and existing users onto your website.

Sectors such as online media, review sites and e-commerce sites have been utilizing TruDetect to mitigate fraud and improve user experience. Trulioo specializes in scoring cyber identities as authentic, machine generated or fraudulent in order to improve a company's marketing outreach and increase their ROI. Utilizing TruDetect as part of an identity proofing solution is the first step towards cutting costs associated with manual review and the high fees associated with traditional identity vetting methods.

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